Mrežne tehnologije

Fundamentals of OTV
Fundamentals of Energywise
Fundamentals of SIP
Fundamentals of TrustSec
Fundamentals of UCS
Fundamentals of Cisco ISE
Fundamentals of WAAS
Fundamentals of the Mobility Services Engine
Fundamentals of Wireless Controllers
Fundamentals of Cisco Virtual Security Gateway (VSG)
Fundamentals of Cisco Unified Network Services
Fundamentals of High-end Firewalls
Fundamentals of IPS
Fundamentals of Cisco Virtual Switching System
Fundamentals of the Cisco Easy Virtual Network
Fundamentals of ISE
Fundamentals of PCI
Fundamentals of Application Performance
Fundamentals of Spatial Streams
Fundamentals of UC on UCS
Fundamentals of IP telephony migration
Fundamentals of the Virtualized Workspace
Fundamentals of IPT migration
Fundamentals of Cisco cloud service router
Fundamentals of Cisco Catalyst Instant Access
Fundamentals of Cisco Business edition 6000
Fundamentals of Cisco CSR
Fundamentals of VXLAN
Fundamentals of 802.1ac
Fundamentals of APIC-EM
Fundamentals of High Density Experience for 802.11ac
Fundamentals of ACI
Fundamentals of Hybrid Cloud
Fundamentals of Service Containers
Fundamentals of Converged Wired and Wireless
Fundamentals of Next Generation Encryption
Fundamentals of Session Management
Fundamentals of VXLAN
SIP trunking
Voice codec explained part 1
Voice codec explained part 2
Fax protocol explained
QoS explained
MPLS explained
Junos: Reality vs. Myth
Juniper reality
The Cisco/Juniper Reality Check
Ike wins with a vendor you can trust
Cisco 6500 VSS vs. Cisco Nexus 7000 vPC
Cisco vs Aruba - How to Break Your ARM
Cisco vs Aruba - CleanAir vs. ARM
RDP, RemoteFX, ICA/HDX, EOP and PCoIP – VDI Remoting Protocols Turned Inside Out
PCoIP on WAN at problem!
5000 Virtual Desktops with 10 GBs in Minutes
L2 attacks using Yersinia tool
CDP flood (switch crash - low on memory)
Learn Perl programming language
How NOT to manage the network
UC500 description and demo
Cisco vs. competitor lab tests
Cisco Cius in action
Cisco UCS C-Series Initial Setup
Cisco UCS C-Series Firmware Upgrade
Cisco Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Basic Installation Lab
Cisco UCS C-series initial setup
Vmware post-PC era
Cisco Webex HQ demo
Cisco Webex on Apple iPad
Cisco Jabber
How to determine fake Cisco SFP?
How to bypass Palo Alto inspection of the application? (2012)
How to bypass Palo Alto inspection of the application yet again (after patch)? (year 2013)
666 different ways to bypass palo alto networks in 6 minutes
Palo Alto Networks IPS Evasion Bypass After NSS Labs Patch 6.0.5h3 (year 2014)
Palo Alto Networks PAN-OS 7.0 Evasion Test - Evader (year 2015)
How to hack Cisco IP phone?
Free software for freedom, surveillance and you
Palo Alto Networks security bypass (Part 1)
Palo Alto Networks security bypass (Part 2)
Cisco testing of Gigabit Wireless (802.11ac) Part1 - Performance And Capacity Testing
Cisco testing of Gigabit Wireless (802.11ac) Part2 - Seamless roaming testing
Cisco testing of Gigabit Wireless (802.11ac) Part3 - Application Experience Testing
Cisco testing of Gigabit Wireless (802.11ac) Part4 - Not All Vendors Are The Same
Macbook pro 15 testing (2Gb vs 8Gb and SDD vs HDD
BSD vs Linux
Deploying blade servers: Cisco UCS vs HP
Understanding how network card communicate
Network Protocols